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Welcome to Best Pet Hair Vacuums! We’re excited to help you find the best vacuum for you and your pets.

Who we are:

We’re pet owners and consumers like you. We’re always on the lookout for new machines that make our lives easier and cut down the hassle of cleaning up after pets. After all, your pets should be a source of joy, not stress!

As fellow pet lovers, we know how much work it can be to clean up pet hair, dirt and dander. That’s why we think vacuums are a pet owner’s best friend! We love our vacuums because they make our lives easier, saving us time and energy that we could be devoting to our animals. Chances are, you’ve probably had to use a vacuum that made your life harder, not easier. Especially for pet owners, the wrong vacuum can be clumsy, annoying, and downright infuriating. You want only the best vacuums for pet hair­.

About the site:

We started Best Pet Hair Vacuums because we know how much of a pain it can be to try and find the best vacuums for dealing with pet hair. Nearly every major brand these days has one or two models marked “Pet” or “Animal”. They all claim to be engineered specifically for dealing with pet fur and messes. Sadly, that rarely turns out to be true. The Pet branding is often used to simply re-badge an ordinary vacuum and make it seem specialized. So, you’ll put all that effort into finding a pet-friendly vacuum and end up with a flimsy, ordinary piece of junk.

We set out to find the best vacuums on the market for dealing with pet hair, regardless of brand or labelling. We took an all-inclusive approach to our research, looking beyond the best seller lists in order to make sure we weren’t missing any hidden gems.

We started by looking at professional reviews in periodicals like Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, as well as Consumer Reports. These reviews gave us a good sense of how many popular vacuums performed in tests, and matched up in terms of power, suction, and other benchmarks. However, most of us don’t live in a lab. With that in mind, we set out to find reviews from previous buyers who had spent some time using these vacuums in their own homes. We wanted to see how they performed in the real world, and get a sense of how these vacuums stood up after a few months of service.

We went way beyond the top user reviews. We combed hundreds of reviews from previous buyers on shopping sites to see which complaints were isolated flukes, and which were serious issues with a specific vacuum model. We paid special attention to reviews from fellow pet owners, to see what they had to say about these vacuums. Based on all of these reviews, we then chose what we’re confident are the best vacuums for dealing with pet hair.

In writing our in-depth reviews, we tried to include the best of all the materials we read, from the professionals and from average homeowners. We hope you’ll find them concise and informative summaries of everything you should know about each of these vacuums.

You’ll find links to all our review pages, and quick overviews of our favorite models. Visit https://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/ and read more reviews!

Happy vacuuming!